The Fiduciary

The fiduciary Becker, Gales & Brunetti SA, former fiduciary Becker + Cahen & Associés, founded in 1977, and its multilingual personnel is consulting today mainly clients from small and medium sized companies.

Luxembourg, Financial center in the heart of Europe

During the 60's and 70's, the country could create an enormous wealth due to its financial market. Today, the country is one of the leaders in this sector. Unfortunately, these points supersede all other advantages, which are mainly offered to SME clients from the greater region Saar-Lor-Lux.

Here some not exhaustive advantages for potential investors:

- Ideal situation in the heart of Europe

- Connexions with all capitals of Europe

- Multilingual, well educated personnel

- A sane social environment

- Attractive taxe rates

- Interesting state subsidies

- Lower social and salary linked costs than in the surrounding countries


All these advantages create an interesting alternative for potential investors, who are willing to create a small or medium size company in Luxembourg.


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